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22 Mar 2021 ------

V10 R-League set to visit 5 iconic circuits in Season 2

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Great circuits make for great racing. The V10 R-League is heading to some new venues in Season 2.

The V10 R-League is back for Season 2, and it is set to be bigger than ever.

With an expanded roster of 10 teams and a revised matchday format, fans can expect plenty of fast-paced action with little room for error.

That’s not the only thing that’s changing though. Season 2’s pool of tracks is a little different from Season 1. So let’s see where teams will be competing.


The Temple of Speed hosted the opening round of V10 R-League last season, and as you would expect it produced a corker.

With huge speeds and plenty of overtaking chances Monza will be a fan favourite, but will teams lean toward its speed or err on the side of caution? After all, things always seem to go wrong at Monza for someone!


The first new track for Season 2 is Silverstone. The home of British motorsport, Silverstone has hosted some cracking racing in nearly every category over the years.

With sweeping corners that encourage wheel-to-wheel battling Silverstone could be the most entertaining venue in the V10 R-League this year. Every driver knows Silverstone so well it could also produce the closest racing of any track.

Yas Marina

The Yas Marina circuit is one of the most stunning venues in the world.

A tricky circuit to get right thanks to a highly technical final sector, it is a track that drivers need to be decisive and forceful with their overtakes.

However, corner-cutting and track extension penalties are easy to rack up here so it could be a venue that keeps the stewards busy.


The Tuscan hills are calling, and V10 R-League has answered. Mugello is not a familiar venue for elite formula cars, but it is a magical track that tests bravery and car control at every corner.

With limited clear-cut overtaking chances but plenty of challenging corners it should produce some exciting battles. It may also be the track teams are most fearful of, and as a result put the most time into preparing for.


The glorious old circuit set in the beautiful Ardennes forest returns for Season 2 of the V10 R-League. Spa is a regular on everyone’s list of favourite tracks.

With the awesome Eau Rouge/Raidillon and long Kemmel straight, as well as a middle sector that encourages close racing, Spa is simply put an amazing track for cars and drivers alike.

The powerful slipstream caught some teams out last season, but having learned those lessons can a team put a smart strategy into action?

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