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05 Oct 2020 ------

Top four v10 R-League Teams had all to play for at Laguna Seca

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With just two rounds now remaining stakes are high in the overall standings

As the V10 R-League heads towards the penultimate round of Season 1, the mounting pressure on
all the pro sim racing teams showed at Laguna Seca in the fifth round. With famous corners such as
Andretti and the Corkscrew many wondered who would be brave enough to try a pass.

Racing against YAS HEAT, maximum points went to Porsche24 Redline but the leading outfit is
having to work harder than ever to remain at the top of the overall standings, due to three teams just below in the table demonstrating that they are without a doubt serious contenders for the end-of-season £100,000 prize pool. This was further confirmed as Williams Esports, their nearest challenger, dropped points in a battle with Red Bull Racing Esports – due to a controversial crash at turn one in the team race where Joni Tormala took out two Williams cars leaving Red Bull to take the point.

It was also another difficult day at the other end of the table with Team Fordzilla again coming up
short, this time against BMW Motorsport SIM Racing Team. Fordzilla’s Pablo Lopez showed signs of
frustration having put up a brave fight. Meanwhile, BWT Racing Point Esports took a 2-1 victory over JAESA Team Suzuki.

For some it was a battle to keep the cars on the track, with the sand on the outside causing several
drivers to lose control while rewarding those that drove inch perfect. The circuit did promote a large
amount of side by side racing allowing drivers to get close to their opponents for nail biting action.

A highly eventful Laguna Seca means the standings are now as follows:

Standings Position Team Points
03Red Bull9
05Racing Point7
06Yas Heat4

The V10 R-League is building up towards the season finale, with the highlights of the final two rounds
broadcast by BT Sport on Monday 12 October and Monday 19 October. Coverage is also available
in other regions via ESPN networks and platforms and STARZPLAY Arabia.

Follow all of the latest news and updates from the V10 R-League on Instagram and Twitter.

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