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23 Mar 2021 ------

Redline & Williams set to rekindle rivalry in Season 2

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Can Williams go one better and claim the crown? Or will Redline once again push them aside?

The most exciting esports racing series is back with a new format, new teams, and new drivers.

As the saying goes though, the more things change the more they stay the same, so will Redline and Williams be the teams to beat in Season 2?

These two teams dominated Season 1, and clashed at Yas Marina in the final round as the only two teams that had the chance to take the title. Redline came out battered, bruised, but victorious in the end.

Will they once again triumph, or can Williams get their revenge?

Duel in the desert

Redline and Williams' rivalry had been brewing all season, but the Season 1 finale was the first time they had directly competed against each other on-track.

Williams took the points for wins in both the head-to-head and relay contests. This put Redline under immense pressure, another win for Williams and they would win the title.

The team race was a nervy affair that started with Williams drivers in first and second places. This would have been enough to win the championship. but Redline would fight to the end.

Superb tactical driving by the Redline drivers forced the leading Williams pair to spin and lose any hope of winning the title. Further heart-break ensued post-race, as Williams lost their relay race point thanks to a pit-lane violation.

With Redline taking the win, and the championship, in Season 1, Williams will be keen to score a victory against their nemesis in Season 2.

The drivers

Something that is key to success is consistency in the members of a team. Both Redline and Williams rarely, if ever, altered their driver line-ups throughout Season 1.

Williams' regulars were Martin Stefanko, Kuba Brzezinski and Nikodem Wisniewski.

Redline alternated their trio on occasion but rarely changed from Atze Kerkof, Michal Smidl and Ben Cornett.

There hasn't been any word yet from either team regarding their line-ups for Season 2.

Change could well be on the way for both outfits, though. Even though both were successful in Season 1, Redline and Williams are always looking to improve. Just like everyone else...

Who could join the title battle?

One of the beauties of the V10 R-League is that the teams all have an equal opportunity to win the title. This is due to the cars being absolutely equal. While Redline and Williams are eyeing up each other ahead of Season 2, could another team pounce?

McLaren Shadow join the R-League for Season 2 and aren't doing half-measures, employing the world's fastest esports driver, James Baldwin.

Red Bull was one of the favourites for Season 1, but a slow start prevented them from winning. With Nestor Garcia joining their line-up for Season 2, Red Bull Esports have a great chance of being crowned champions.

BMW is another outfit that underperformed in Season 1 and will be looking to improve.

Ultimately, though, speed and experience are what counts, and both Redline and Williams will be very difficult to beat.

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