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02 Apr 2021 ------

MCLAREN SHADOW ESPORTS: Aiming to take the V10 R-League by storm in Season 2

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One of the most famous and successful motorsports outfits of them all joins the competition.

Season 2 of the V10 R-League is right around the corner!

McLaren Shadow is highly experienced in motorsports and Esports alike, and the team is making their debut in V10 R-League this season.

McLaren has won countless trophies over the decades, but can they challenge for the crown in their first campaign?


McLaren Shadow isn’t doing half-measures with their drivers, as they’ve employed some of the best in the business.

James Baldwin leads their line-up. The World's Fastest Gamer and British GT driver is one of the best known, and quickest, sim racers in the world right now.

Joining Baldwin are Isaac Gillissen and Elvin Smith, both very fast drivers as well. Gillissen and Baldwin both made cameo appearances in the V10 R-League last season, so they have experience of the format and the cars already under their belts.

Baldwin certainly seemed to be relishing the challenge of competing in the V10 R-League when we spoke to him earlier this month:

“McLaren Shadow has been competing in esports for three years now but it’s their first time entering a series like this. I’m very happy to be at the forefront of that and hopefully leading the team to good results.”

Season 2 expectations

McLaren Shadow is often coy about their chances, but a title challenge is certainly on the cards if the team can get off to a fast start.

McLaren see Redline and Red Bull as their main competitors, but Baldwin recognises that because of the V10 R-League’s unique format, anybody can be a challenger:

“It’s hard to say where we are [in terms of performance] but we know from the pace I had in the last race of Season 1, we should be in a decent place.

Though it’s our first season, I think we’ve got the drivers and everything we need.”

McLaren Shadow will be aiming to get out of their group and make the playoffs. That means they’ll have to immediately go toe-to-toe with the fastest teams from last year.

McLaren will have to be careful though, as other teams are also putting out fearsome line-ups this year in a bid to get out of the group.

Season 1 highlights

McLaren Shadow’s drivers and team personnel will have no doubt studied last season’s action to catch up to the competition. If you missed Season 1, we have you covered with the highlights of the inaugural V10 R-League season below:

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