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02 Apr 2021 ------

WILLIAMS ESPORTS: Aiming to go to the top of the V10 R-League in Season 2

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Season 1's runners-up will be looking to win the championship, but there's strong competition.

We're so excited for Season 2 of the V10 R-League! The beginning of the Esports series' second season is just around the corner and we're bringing you team guides all of the R-League's ten outfits.

Today we bring you Season 1's runners-up, Williams Esports. Williams is one of the most successful and prestigious motorsports outfits of them all, so it's no wonder they performed well last season.

What can we expect from the British team in Season 2? Keep reading to find out!

Season 1

Williams wasn't necessarily a championship favourite in Season 1, but they were expected to perform well. What happened was that Williams' form picked up in the second half of the season and they were the only team that was challenging Redline for the championship in the final round.

Williams performed extremely well in that finale, being the only team that season aside from JAESA Suzuki to take points off Redline. What meant that Williams ultimately fell short of winning the competition was their performances against the teams further down the table.

Dropped points against Yas Heat, JAESA Suzuki and BMW and a loss to Red Bull are performances that Williams cannot repeat in Season 2 if they're to win the title.

If you missed Season 1 or want a refresher on the main talking points of the campaign, we've linked you our Season 1 highlights below:


Williams are one of only two teams that have opted for the same three main drivers as in Season 1 (the other being Aston Martin). Martin Stefanko, Kuba Brzezinski and Nikodem Wisniewski brought Williams a lot of success last year, so it's no surprise that they're kept on for Season 2.

While most teams have gone for at least one new driver, Williams' consistency will no doubt allow them to hit the ground running better than most of the other outfits.

Stefanko, Brzezinski and Wisniewski all know each other well and have a great working relationship. The team cohesion is definitely there, as is a season of V10 R-League experience under their belts.

Season 2 expectations

The obvious goal for Williams is to go one step above where they finished in Season 1 and win the V10 R-League. That won't be easy though, as Redline were extremely strong in Season 1 and never looked like relinquishing their crown.

Furthermore, Red Bull came on very strong in the second half of the season, even beating Williams in Round 5. McLaren will be strong and could be dark horses for the championship in their first season.

BMW and Aston Martin will also be looking to go all the way after a lacklustre first season for the pair. Plus, you can never discount the giant-killing aspirations of JAESA Suzuki. Because of the V10 R-League's incredible format, anybody can beat anybody on their day, it's a truly level playing field.

That being said though, Williams only lost all once in Season 1, it's the odd points they dropped that cost them big when Yas Marina rolled around. Clean sweeps are the order of the day if Williams are to win the championship.

Williams aren't lacking in confidence going into Season 2 though, as Martin Stefanko believes that they're got a good opportunity to win the title:

“I think pace-wise and strategy-wise we are one of the best teams out there. So, if we manage to avoid mistakes and improve, I think we’re in a really strong position.”

How to watch

V10 R-League Season 2 kicks off on Monday, 12 April.

Viewers in the UK can watch all the action from the best matchup of the week on BT Sport every Monday, with the remaining matches shown throughout the week!

Fans in the Middle East and North Africa can get all the action through StarzPlay. ESPN will be showing the races to all those in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Oceania.

Make sure to check local listings and video-on-demand services for exact times!

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